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Your So Beautiful When You're Convinced Yourself

The Beautiful Rejects
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angelscryblood<-Steph,Made the community...Eats your children too! lol (AIM:xangelzcrybloodx)
reddbettie <-This is Anna shes our new maintainer..she is extremly sweet and i love her very much! ( AIM: reddbettie)
_fatality<--This is Emmalee she is the first of our new mods(AIM:
unmotivation <- This is Kristyn the second of our new mods <3 < AIM:Macross209)

For all of you on this website..this is for the communities who..reject you because your not
"beautfiul" or because they dont like your BANDS,
CLOTHES,etc etc
This is a community in which those "rejects"
come together..You do have to apply to be part of
this..and this is a be a yes/no community
*You CANNOT vote until..you've been accepted and given a banner
*Members CANNOT Judge On:
Music Intrest
Looks (in the fact: i dont like they're a homie,
punk,prep etc)
Things they like
If i find anyone being rude in their votes..they will be talked to. If you have an issue with something in the community..post in my LJ..or contact one of the mods.
For the appliers:
This community isnt trying to be like all the others..but if you get rejected..take it..put in your imput..but do it NICELY..dont jump at people for their reactions..people are just reading a survery..there not going to know everything about you.

If the person would NOT be an asset to this community...and are a total asshole give them a no..But try judging on inner and outer beauty.
Feel free to also vent in this community..
But if its personal..Make it friends only PLEASE.

SURVERY:(in an <*lj-cut> (remove star)

AIM screenname:
Marital Status:
One Lyric to Describe you(post the artist too):
Favorite Band/singer:
More important inner beauty or outer?:
What experience has changed your life for the better or worse?:
Do you believe in labels: If so what would you label yourself?
Why do you want to be on this community?
Tell us something about the most important influence on your life(person,please):
Kurt Cobain..A God?(JUST SAY YES! lol):
Would you judge someone based just on looks?:
Religious Stance:
Are you a homophobic?:
Do you have any special abilities/features? (tieing cherries with your tongue..piercings..etc)
*And Last but not least:*
And..put in your pictora! hehe..

And for people who are good with graphics..if you
could help this community out it will HELP in you acceptance<3

Once your accepted you may chose one of these (if you dont like the one i gave u :-p):

Or feel free to make your own..and give me a link and ill post it on here <3
ONLY..use these if i post that your accepted (You'll know if you are if a mod post with one of these banners!) AND you should put it in your LJ user info Now be merry and vote for new members:-p

xangelashx for fighting with a mod.

PS.Thanks to trancelation for the background, star5tuddedand ____keepsake for the website :muah: